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Ava was bred to an exciting young dog, Solo, who just turned 2 years old.  Solo won both his Sweepstakes and Regular class at the 2017 Irish Setter Club of America National Specialty.  I first met Solo at the 2018 National Specialty and fell in love with his wonderful temperament and good looks.

Puppies were whelped June 18, 2019.  Click here to go to the puppy page.  All the puppies have gone to their new homes, except for the 2 that are staying here.

Dusty will be bred in early 2020 for Spring or early Summer puppies.

Be sure to do your homework before purchasing a new family member.
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There are several breeders that may appear to be reputable and claim to breed healthy dogs.  However, on the OFA (Orthopedic Foundation For Animals) website, there are no health clearances on their dogs.  When you begin to look for a puppy, no matter who you contact, ALWAYS verify the health clearances on the OFA website.  Ask the breeder for a pedigree on the puppy you are considering and look up the names yourself.  As a bare minimum, at least the parents and grandparents should have OFA numbers proving they do not have hip dysplasia.

Hip Evaluations - From January 1974 through December 2017, OFA processed hip evaluations for 12,180 Irish Setters.  Of those, 9.6% were given an Excellent rating and 12.0% were dysplastic.

Elbow Evaluations - From January 1974 through December 2017, OFA processed elbow evaluations for 812 Irish Setters.  Of those, 97.2% were given a Normal rating and 2.8% were dysplastic.

Thyroid Evaluations - From January 1974 through December 2017, OFA processed thyroid evaluations for 1,018 Irish Setters.  Of those, 80.0% were given a Normal rating, 8.8% were found to have autoimmune thyroiditis and 11.1% were equivocal.

from the OFA website as of 12/22/18
3 Generations of Redfeathers Irish - October 2016
Tango, her daughter Bridget, and Bridget's daughter Dusty
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