Custom made individually to fit your needs
All fabric is pre-washed 100% cotton and the elastic is 1/2 inch
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field of clover
The snoods below are all sized for a male or a larger adult female
These are all brand new, priced at $15.00 each
The snoods below are sized for a regular sized female, or a smaller male
These are gently warn and washed, priced at $10.00 each
Angry Birds Halloween on orange
(only 1 available)
glittery puppies with hats & candy canes on light blue
tiny purple flowers
(only 1 available)
bright dots on light blue
(only 2 available)
floral on green
(only 1 available)
jack-o-lanterns & ghosts on black
Angry Birds character heads on red
(only 1 available)
bursting fireworks