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These are some of my favorite dog products.  Over the years I have tried out a lot of different products, most of which were not worth what I paid for them.  These products have stood the test of time here at Redfeathers.

Dog Beds
Great Stress and Boredom Reliever
When it comes to beds, you definitely get what you pay for.  My dogs love these dog beds!  They are 4 inches thick of quality memory foam with a waterproof cover under the microsuede cover.  They come in many colors and sizes, plus with and without a headrest.  The one in the picture has a headrest.

See the selection from  Dog Bed 4 Less
Ava on one of the memory foam beds
I'll admit I just discovered this rather unique product.  The dogs took to them immediately, especially Bridget, who likes to lick everything!

So far I've only tried spreading canned food and bananas on them.  It keeps them busy for about 20 minutes.

I take them to agility trials and let the girls work on them inbetween runs.  It definitely helps with the boredom of waiting for their next turn to run.

The favorite is definitely the green one, so I rotate who gets which one.

See the selection from LickiMats by Hyper Pet
Ava with a LickiMat
Bridget with a LickiMat
Dusty on one of the memory foam beds
The LickiMats are also available from our favorite online store